About us

We are CredUp

Our Vision

  • To become THE foremost technology inclined financial service brand having ample recognition in Nigeria and globally.
  • To build a vibrant financial service brand synonymous with innovative (financial) solutions and utmost customer satisfaction.

Our Mission

  • To establish and provide a unique brand with long term focus and sustainable financial services while being customer-centric, innovation-driven and technology-relevant.
  • We are an innovative financial service provider with the focus to help our customers achieve their financial goals while bringing sustainable financial services focused on excellence, and delivering value to our stakeholders.

About Us


At Credup Limited, we understand that everyone either has a dream to fuel, an emergency to sort or a project to finance. Our desire is to see all your financial needs met W.I.T.H.O.U.T H.A.S.S.L.E . This is why we have tailored our services in the most customer friendly manner. Credup Limited combines a mix of integrity and professionalism to offer our broad clientele innovative credit services ranging from business loans, invoice discounting, asset financing, asset pawning, sales and lease back loans, and local purchase orders to securitized personal loans such as salary advance/payday loans. Our needs are numerous and the resources to satisfy them are limited. With Credup Limited, you do not need to worry much, we got you covered whether it is an emergency, our 4G loan service is your one-time resort or whether your business needs an upgrade, our business loan would help you finance all your business needs from facility procurement to purchase orders and invoice discounting or if you are planning a great vacation or need some lifestyle upgrade our vibe loan got you covered always.

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